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Gencon is a way for me to create amazing fandom spaces for people who  love Bioware games as much as I do. I’ve been running events since 2015. Pazaak, RPGs, workshops, and more….I even brought Mass Effect Monopoly one year!

This year, I’ve greatly expanded on the successful swag concept event last year. Now most of my events include (at-cost!!) swag! I’m excited to see how everything goes and pick up ideas to make things even better next year! For me, this model provides a materials budget and a challenge to experiment with new kinds of items, and for you it provides not only awesome swag, but a table full of superfans who are just as hyped as you are.

I’ve been running Pazaak longer than any other event, and the most rewarding part has always been the look on people’s faces when they see a piece of Knights of the Old Republic come to life. Legit cards and accurate backdrops! One of my players last year made an excellent blog post about the experience.

I haven’t GMd an RPG at GenCon since 2016’s Dragon Age adventure: “Harold of Andraste,” and I’m so excited to make a comeback, that I’ve written three:

  • Mage freedom jailbreak
  • Your favorite sidequest free-for-all on the Citadel
  • Intense Grey Warden adventure.

For the Dragon Age dice bag make&take, I challenged myself to create an event that not only teaches a skill and not only creates an awesome thing, but also creates a theraputic fandom space away from the crowds and noise of the con. I worked with events staff to make sure we have a quiet conference room, and I’ll be serving tea!

…And here’s the part everyone’s been waiting for – SWAG HINTS!

This was the 2018 Pazaak swag for the 15th anniversary of KoTOR 1. This year, the Pazaak swag will celebrate the 15th anniversary of KotOR 2 and feature two completely different items and a throwback to one item type. Can you guess which one?
And finally…here’s a preview of something you’ll actually get at one of the events this year. This elfroot die will be part of the swag at each Dragon Age themed event. And at the RPGs, you’ll even get two coordinating (non-customized) d6s to fill out the Green Ronin set.