Anders’ Manifesto

Did someone give you a cool replica of Anders’ Manifesto at a convention? Do you wish they had? Hopefully you can find this page by googling sample text.

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The above link contains contribution credit, printouts, and instructions for making your own.


Manifesto text:

Andraste suffered at the hands of magisters thus She feared the influence of magic. But if the Maker blamed magic for the magisters’ actions in the Black City, then why would He gift us with it? The oppression of mages stems from the fears of men, not the will of the Maker.

It is false to say a mage can only be unhappy in the Circle if corrupt templars or marauding demons are involved. It’s a larger principle. It’s about the freedom every man, woman, and child born in Thedas has as a natural right.

Fight demons or be made Tranquil– They force this upon us and call it good, but it is neither good nor right. What would Andraste have thought of the Circle of Magi? She counseled men to seek their own path to the Maker. But the Chantry uses her words as a reason to collar us just for being who we are.

We can no longer just stand back and trust that the Maker will see justice done. The Maker left us to our own devices generations ago. He is never going to simply step back in and start listening to our prayers again. A reckoning is called for, and we must act without Him. We must reclaim our freedom.

The Chantry will respond to revolt with deadly force. We may be killed. But Andraste was killed too. That doesn’t mean she failed. Some things are certain though…

-Justice must come first.
-We must take the fight directly to them.
-There can be no compromise.

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