Tutorial: Rebel-Punk Bottle Opener

Saw Gerrera used to say…that if you need to open a drink, and there’s nothing else handy, you can use an Imperial belt buckle! Just pry off that code cylinder first. There’s probably a tracking device on it.

It’s true. The $5 belt buckle from Tandy Leather that most people use to make screen accurate belts for Imperial Officers, Tie pilots, Krennic, etc….can double as a bottle opener!

The only way you could get more Rebel punk than that is if you swiped the beer out of the Death Star break room and drank it while sitting on a cracked Stormtrooper helmet!

You will need…

  1. Buckle: https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/rectangle-buckle-blank-2-5-1-cm
  2. (Optional) screen accurate code cylinder: http://www.elvistrooper.com/disk.htm
  3. Superglue to either attach the code disc or suggest that one used to be there
  4. Sandpaper sponge to get the vertical brushed metal effect.
  5. Something to add deep scratches
  6. Acrylic paint for the blaster bolt (“drybrush” techniques work best)

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